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Advecto International Solutions

Whether you need a consultancy service to optimize your company or project, looking to establish a partnership or considering a business agent, we can guide you in every way.  

Advecto International Solutions is an independent management consulting firm specialising in collaboration between companies, and business development. We offer highly professional services to help clients create value and achieve continuous growth, and deliver thoughtful solutions to challenging strategic and operational problems

The Company:

Advecto International Solutions is a fast-growing company that integrates the diverse needs of manufacturers, industries, companies and municipalities worldwide with advanced technological solutions, potential partners and business opportunities. As part of our international business network, we work with experts in the Medical equipment, Aviation, Energy, Agriculture, Food innovation, Environmental sustainability and Security fields, while also collaborating with many successful companies all over the world. We provide quality service to our clients and strive to create long-term relationships built on confidence and trust.

Initiated in 2009, Advecto has been active in United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Over the years, our consultants have assisted companies in successfully setting up partnerships in various industries. Advecto has acted as co-initiator of international expansions and cross-border partnerships within a variety of industries.
We have a proven track record in combining volume-driven and e-commerce based retail businesses.


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Our Services

We believe in making business by partnering with people who brings value to the venture. People who sums with their Experience, their Knowledge, and their Attitude.

    Consulting                              Traiding                            Management   



With extensive experience in startup companies worldwide, Advecto International can help you achieve your goals and focus your all your time and energy to develop your product.
Let us take care of the rest! 



With EXCLUSIVITY of many products in over 10 countries as well a strong network of business collaborations across the globe, AIS is the valuable partner you are looking for. 



From project definition and development to corporate structure, we help your business achieve your goals so you can focus on what really matters.

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Why Choose Us

Our goal is to help our clients get the most out of their businesses. We believe that the key to success lies in close cooperation and open communication.


Business Development & Partnerships

At AIS, we assist clients in identifying potential growth opportunities both externally and within their organization. After evaluation of the client’s organization, we offer customised solutions for the preparation and implementation of business plans aimed at the expansion of their activities.
Outside existing operations, our consultants assist companies in seeking out potential partners, and carefully guide them through the complete process of integrating services and business procedures. 


Optimising of Business Processes

Automation of processes leads to greater efficiency, and allows for focus on the bigger issues. We work closely with our clients, and carefully evaluation of current practices, and offering clever solutions that increase the efficiency of business procedures.
Through years of experience, our consultants are able to assist our clients in streamlining several business procedures, such as billing systems, database management systems, marketing strategy solutions, software solutions, and more. 


Setting up and Mentoring Startups

Over the years, our consultants have successfully guided newly created companies through their struggles in setting up and running a business. We work closely with entrepreneurs in day-to-day operations, and provide strategic advice in operational, regulatory, and administrative matters. We have gained experience in different fields ranging from civil aviation to real estate, and from hospitality to online sales.


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We invest in entrepreneurs with exciting ideas and companies that are looking for capital to bolster their business. We focus on innovation and technology, and on people who are passionate about what they do and are not afraid to move into uncharted territory.

We believe in "Smart Work"

Liberate from restraints
Revolutionize Hard work
Open professional expertise
Transform to creative workstyle

Excellence in Business Etiquette


AIS has now expanded partnership in 4 continents.

Whether you need a consultancy service to optimize your company or project, looking to establish your business, or considering a business agent, we can guide you in every way.


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